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    To celebrates EarthDay happening across the globe on April 22nd, Ciputra Hanoi Estate Management organized Eco Day, it is also considered as one of our favorite eco-activities under Ciputra EcoCulture Program, initiated by Bpk.Budiarsa Sastrawinata-General Director of Ciputra Hanoi International City since 2012.
    The 2nd Vietnam Property Award 2016 celebrated the achievements of the country’s established and emerging developers, with a total of 22 award categories covering the residential, commercial and resort segments.

Ciputra Hanoi Vietnam Challenge 2017

3/14/2017 4:38:56 PM

Afternoon March 10 2017, Press Meeting of Ciputra Hanoi Vietnam Challenge 2017 happened at Cau Giay Indoor Sport Stadium-No 35 Tran Quy Kien, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Ciputra Hanoi honorably has been major sponsor of the international badminton championship in 09 consecutive years(2009-2017).

Ciputra Hanoi Vietnam Challenge 2017 shall be held from 21/3-26/3 2017 at Cau Giay Indoor Sport  Stadium - No. 35 Tran Quy Kien , Cau Giay , Hanoi with participation of 16 delegations and 305 players.

"Vietnam Challenge 2017 has its schedule earlier than previous seasons, higher prize money, stronger influences, higher position of the championship in international arena, better professional quality. At this championship, Vietnam has good seeded players at many contents of Vientam Challenge 2017 such as: Nguyen Tien Minh - No 1 at  Men's Singles; Vu Thi Trang - No 1 at Women's Singles; Vu Thi Trang & Nguyen Thi Sen - No 2 at Women's Doubles; Do Tuan Duc & Pham Như Thao - No1 at Mixed Doubles", Mrs Bui Kim Ha-General Secretariat of Hanoi Badminton Federation said.

Ciputra Hanoi Vietnam Challenge 2017 is Hanoi's biggest international badminton event in year and celebrate 71 years of Vietnam Sport Day (27/3/1946-27/3/2017).
Free entrance for all badminton fans.
Kindly click the link attached for tournament result:

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